About KeyToSecret

We are a 100% bootstrapped startup - we remain independent to offer you the maximum freedom of creation!

We are based in Montreal, a city with great creative vibes and technological infrastructure.

Who's making KeyToSecret wheels turning?

Ivan is an optimization and computing specialist having a deep interest in economics.

I believe that every work deserves to be rewarded for the economy to be called efficient. This made me think about the need to create a site like KeyToSecret. The goal is to give your creations the opportunity to spread among your fans providing you with income - to create further!


Ivan teamed up with Julia who is a lawyer having over a decade of experience in legal support of purchases and financial transactions.

Hey! I am Julia. My main concern is the security of your finances. I want your links on KeyToSecret.com to be as well protected as in the best banks in the world. I watch over the secure processing of your works, transactions, and personal data.


At some point in our life, we all created something, as you likely did. KeyToSecret allows you to get rewarded for your creation. It doesn't matter what it is - niche creation is on the rise, so there are fans out there waiting for you!

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