Why should I work with KeyToSecret instead of selling content myself?

Well, if you have the skills and time to develop your own website, integrate an automated payments system (handling payments and sending content manually is a pain!), and write some code to automatically grant access to content for those who paid - you can definitely sell content yourself! Otherwise, at KeyToSecret we have already automated the process for you. KeyToSecret allows you to sell access to your creations in a fully automated manner - just post the link and attach your Stripe account (only once, for future links we will remember it!) where your income will be deposited. KeyToSecret makes the whole process smooth and provides your content with additional visibility.

Why KeyToSecret is better than subscription-based services?

Subscription means that the creator has to constantly create the content and fans are supposed to pay all the time. Not everybody is ready for such a level of commitment. If you created even one single but wonderful masterpiece you still deserve a reward for it! With KeyToSecret you can create at your own pace, whenever you have inspiration - creative work is not a 9 to 5 job!

I want to use KeyToSecret but I do not have a website where to put my work. What should I do?

We are glad that you want to join! We can propose to use, for example:

For content of any type you can use:

  1. Google Drive

For Instagram:

  1. How to monetize Instagram

For videos using YouTube:

  1. How to monetize YouTube

Is the price that I enter per customer or per view?

The price you enter is the price for access for one customer, so after the customer purchased access they will be able to view your content any number of times.

Ok, I'm in — Let me start!