How to use Google Drive with KeyToSecret

Step 0. If you do not have your Google Drive go to and create it with you Google account. You can learn more about Google Drive here.

Step 1. Upload a file you want to sell access to to your Google Drive - in our example this is an image file 'Way up.png'

Step 2. Right-click on the file and select Share in the appeared menu.

Google Drive Step 2

Step 3. Afterwards, in the new menu under Get link click Change

Google Drive Step 3

Step 4. Make sure that the settings are Anyone with the link is Viewer - see the image below.

Google Drive Step 4

Step 5. In the same menu click on Copy link above.

Step 6. Go to the main page of KeyToSecret and insert the link into the Link to your content field. Fill out the rest fields and click on Submit. You will receive an email and pressing the button in it you will be able to get your KeyToSecret link that you can distribute among your fans!

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