How to monetize Instagram

If you are on this page, you probably have an Instagram account with some number of subscribers. They subscribed because they value your content and you wonder if how to make money on Instagram? With KeyToSecret it's totally possible - you can sell access to your photos and videos.

Here is how:

Step 1. Blur the image you want to sell. There is a number of easy ways to do this, from your phone photo editor to specialized sites and software. As an example, a free and straightforward (no registration) way to do this offers

Instagram Step 1-1

Instagram Step 1-2

Alternatively, instead of blurring you can cut a part of image or hide a part of image behind some shape. All the image editing software, including the basic ones have this feature.

Instagram Step 1-3

If you want to sell video, you can post a screenshot or short fragment from it.

Step 2. Upload your original image to Google Drive and set all properties as described here. When you customers pay for the access to your image, the will get this file.

Step 3. Go to the main page of KeyToSecret and insert the link into the Link to your content field. Fill out the rest fields and click on Submit. In your KeyToSecret account you'll see the link (looking like This is the link to pay for your image, distribute it among your everybody who can be interested (see further steps for posting on Instagram, but this like can be shared also of Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Step 4. Post your blurred (or cut) image on Instagram. In the comments write that people can buy access to the full image at the link that KeyToSecret provided to you (again, the link like
If you do not have a commercial Instagram account and cannot post links, you still can direct people to the payment page - write "you can get access to this content at keyToSecret using the key 000" where instead of zeros you should copy the numbers at the end of the link (those that are marked red in this example).

That's it! As soon as someone pays for your image, they get access to it (automatically, no actions required from your part!), and you get the money!
Try it now - you'll like it!

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