As of now, we offer one Basic Plan, allowing unlimited number of links encoding, with low fees calculated as follows:

Basic Plan Fees
KeyToSecret Fee 3%
Stripe Fee 2.9% + 0.3$
Total Fees 5.9% + 0.3$

You do not have to pay anything until you start making money with KeyToSecret!

Please note that you need to have a verified account with Stripe, our payment processor, to receive your payouts.

Stripe charges a flat-fee rate of 30 cents per transaction on top of its 2.9% interest, the better strategy is to make fewer sells but at a higher price each

For example, selling access for your link at 1$ price 100 times will get you 64.1$:

100 times * ( (1$-0.3$) - 1$ * 0.059% fees) = 64.1$

On the other hand, selling access only 10 times at 10$ price will get you 91.1$:

10 times * ( (10$-0.3$) - 10$ * 0.059% fees) = 91.1$

In short, serving to a few real fans is a better strategy than trying to go cheap in hunt for quantity.

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