How to monetize YouTube

You have an video that might be of interest to the people? Likely, you can get rewarded and sell access to it. Here we describe how you can monetize your videos with YouTube and KeyToSecret!

Step 1. Upload a video on YouTube. In the left menu select Your videos, upload a video by clicking Create in the top-right corner and then Upload videos in the appeared menu.

YouTube Step 1

Step 2. After uploading your video and entring relevant information (title etc.) at the step called Visiblity select Unlisted in a Save or publish menu. Important! Do not select Private option!

YouTube Step 2

Step 3. Copy the link to the video by clicking on the icon under the visoe preview.

YouTube Step 3

Step 4. Go to the main page of KeyToSecret and insert the link into the Link to your content field. Fill out the rest fields and click on Submit. In your KeyToSecret account you'll see the link (looking like This is the link to pay for your video. Distribute it among everybody who can be interested (first and foremost, put it on your free YouTube videos, but also on your site, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and all other social media accounts).

That's it! As soon as someone pays for your image, they get access to it (automatically, no actions required from your part!), and you get the money!
Try it now - you'll like it!

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